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Why my family wouldn't spend an extended amount of time on a cruise

Mr and Mrs CouchFI went on a cruise trip at the end of 2019, and as with all our vacations, I ask the question: what if I could do this for several months or years instead of just a week?

Crowdstreet is the best real estate crowdfunding platform

Over the past few months, I've noticed a trend in CrowdStreet deals becoming oversubscribed minutes after they become available to invest. These aren't small deals either, some of them raise well over $10 million. Crowdstreet even sends an email like this for deals that are likely to be oversubscribed.

Why I chose 10/1 ARM instead of a 30 year fixed mortgage

In September 2019, interest rates hit the lowest level since 2016, yet I chose to by a home in San Francisco on a 10/1 ARM jumbo loan. Why would it make sense to chose ARM instead of a 30 year fixed at such low interest rates? Let me explain:

2019 couchfi year in review

I can't believe it's been another new years. 2019 was a mixed year of highs and lows for both my personal life and finances; and a look ahead for 2020.

Don't let FIRE thinking get in the way of life

Over the Christmas and New Years break, I've spent a lot of time thinking about FIRE and what my life would be like when I'm FIREd. Mrs. CouchFI and I started watching a show called The Great Escapers on Netflix about many british citizens who chose to move to cheaper and sunnier areas in Spain, France, and Italy to start a new life style business. Watching others live their dreams and doing some dreaming of my own got me into a cycle of demotivation and bad habbits. Here's how I plan to snap out of it.