I'm Mr. CouchFI, a software engineer living in San Francisco, and I want to build enough passive income to become financially independent (FI) while sharing my journey with you.


I grew up poor in the 90s in an immigrant family from China, my parents had little income to invest and never owned a single stock. They're not getting any younger, and I want to give back and help them with their retirement.

While I like my job, I increasingly wonder what life would be like without stress from office politics, commuting, high cost of living in a city with high crime and homelessness and the competitive culture here from having recruited the worlds smartest people to work here.

Since 2017, I've started dedicating time to learn about investing and discovered the FIRE (financial independence retire early) community and have been learning about investing ever since. I'm confident FIRE is achievable for my family within the next 5 years and definitely in 10 years.

What's my FIRE goal?

FI to me means being able to live comfortably from just about anywhere in the world. Here's the life this income needs to support:

I estimate this lifestyle is $200k per year after tax, which is a large number! Luckily Mrs CouchFI and I both still enjoy our jobs so we're willing to work a few more years to achieve it.