Pros and cons of retiring early in San Diego

It's that time of the year (finally!), I'm on a beach. San Diego's Mission Beach has to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the western US coast. Joining me this year is my 3 year old toddler who loves the sand and splashing in the water. As usual, I like to imagine what it would be like to live here permanently if we retired early.



Final thoughts

There's a lot that I like about San Diego, with everyone working remote, I would series consider moving here in the near future if I didn't already purchase a home in San Francisco...maybe in a more distance future. According to my Airbnb host, COVID19 has actually helped business, the first 3 months were rough, but as of October 2020 he has more than made up for it for the year. When you can work from anywhere, you'll want to optimize for quality of life, and San Diego's mission beach is clearly one of few winners while the rest of the country is suffering from the economic consequences of the pandemic and lock downs. Prices in desirable areas have shot up! I would wait for more people to return to the office as we get the pandemic undercontrol to get better deals.