Uber Visa Card: A Free Alternative to Chase Sapphire Reserve

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The Chase Saphhire Reserve is one of the most popular credit cards for travellers and dinners. In fact, it's the first credit card I've seen that managed to get millennials to dish out $450 per year in annual fees for a premium credit card. I certainly got one.

However, the lesser known Uber Visa Card has got to be a decent runner up. It's my favorite zero annual fee credit card for travel, shopping and dining. I don't get a referral bonus if you sign up and get the card, I genuinely use it and think it's one of the best cards out there that few people know about.


Let's look at the benefits:

You also get $100 after you sign up and spend $500 in the first 90 days. So it's not a lot for you churners looking for the the next target, but to me, this card isn't for churning, the benefits are actually good enough to keep!

How does it compare to the Chase Saphhire Reserve?

The benefits are nearly good if not better than the Chase Saphhire Reserve, which offers 3 points per dollar on dinning and travel, but at the cost of a $450 annual fee.

The Chase Saphhire Reserve is still my default travel card however, because you also get $300 cash back on travel reimbursement per year, making the annual fee effectively $150. In addition, you get a 50% reward bonus when you redeem for travel which makes travel and dinning awards 4.5 points per dollar and every day purchases 1.5 points per dollar. The Reserve also comes with a Priority Pass membership which offers over 1200+ airport lounges for you and a guest. A few trips to the lounge and free meals at the airport make the $150 annual fee worth it for me.

With the amount of Amazon shopping we do and online subscriptions we have, the Uber Visa Card is now my second most used credit card in terms of transaction volume. I always use the Uber Visa Card for online shopping, and I use it to pay for my online subscriptions like Spotify and Netflix

I've only ever redeemed through the Uber App because they make it really easy to do in app and I often over $200 a month on Uber, which is more than the points I can earn every month.


In summary, if you dine out and travel a lot, then the Chase Saphhire Reserve is still king, if you done out or shop online but don't travel much, then the Uber Visa Card is the best card you can get. Even if you do travel and have the Reserve, I would still recommend the Uber card. After all, its free and you get additional benefit of 2% cash back for shopping online!

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