This is a collection of tools and resources that help me become FI. I may earn a small commission if you sign up using my links. I personally use everything here and would recommend to friends and family.

Real estate investing

Real Estate crowdfunding sites allows investors to build a diversified portfolio with a relatively small portfolio. Why not REITs? REITs tend to have higher swings in price and very correlated with stocks, while these platforms either allow you to generate income or invest in a physical office or multi-family property of your choosing. You get some of the earnings from these properties, and as well as some of the upside when the property is ultimately sold.


Digital currencies will change how money works in the long run. It's still very very early and the industry is filled with get rich quick schemes like it's 1999, but this phase will pass and a new multi-trillion dollar industry will be created. I have a small (< 3%) of my net worth in digital currencies, primarily Bitcoin. Coinbase, now a multi-billion dollar company, is how I got started, and still is the most secure and reputable way to buy Bitcoin in the U.S.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital tracks your networth across all your investments. While Mint focuses on budgets, but if you're like me and don't want to penny pinch your way to FI, personal capital helps you focus on optimizing your capital allocation and networth rather than day to day budgets.